So you connected your new antenna and all you see is a snowy, blue or black screen?  You may have a TV that is not compatible with a digital antenna and need a digital converter.

The first thing you need to know is the age of your TV.  If it was made prior to 2009 you will most likley need a digital converter.  If you aren't sure when your TV was made you can find out a few ways.

  1. Look in your TV's manual.
  2. Google the make and model of your TV and locate a manual you can download.
  3. Contact the manufacture of the TV and give them the model number and they can advise you.

What you are looking for is reference to a "digital" or "ATSC" tuner.  This indicates that your TV has the needed tuner to work with an antenna.  If you see NTSC however, it is not digital signal ready and a converter is needed.

Most big box retailers that have an electronics department will stock digital converters.

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