Power AirWave

Using the power cable supplied, plug the AirWave Power Bridge into a power outlet.

Connect Antenna

Connect your AirWave Antenna to the AirWave Power Bridge using the supplied coaxial cable. Please use only the included AirWave antenna and coaxial cable. Do not use other antennas or cables, as these may cause the device to malfunction.

Connect To Router (Optional)

If you need to use a wired internet connection instead of Wi-Fi, optionally connect your AirWave Power Bridge to your router using the Ethernet cable included.

The order should be antenna, coaxial cable, power bridge, power cable and ethernet cable (only if you are not able to connect via wifi).

Complete Set Up Portal

The Setup Portal will configure a few basic settings, get your AirWave connected to your home network, and install any available software updates.

Very Important: Your AirWave will not function properly without fully completing the Setup Portal steps.