The AirWave is a non-amplified antenna and has a 30 mile UHF 

range and approximately a 10 mile VHF range. 

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You can visit TV FOOL to see your exact distance from the towers.

Please enter in you COMPLETE address for the most accurate scan.

Once you run your channel scan here's how to know what your reception chances will be.

  • The green arrow indicates distance between the tower and your address. 
    • This needs to be 30 miles or less for UHF signals or 10 miles or less for VHF signals. 
  • The blue arrow indicates channel number.  Channels that are numbered 2 - 13 are VHF signals with all others being UHF. 
  • The orange arrow indicates any potential terrain blockages.  If you see anything other than LOS in this column that indicates a terrain blockage that may be keeping signals from reaching you.