You can remove web and application channels from your Guide by going to the green icon in the top right with three horizontal bars. This is the Edit Channels page icon. Here you can remove, arrange, and add channels to and from your Guide. Use the arrows on the top and bottom to navigate the list. Find the channel (web, application, or OTA) and click the X icon on the right of the channel. This will remove it from your Guide. 


You should then see it appear on the right side of the page. Once you are done editing your page you can click the 'Save' button at the bottom of your page. You should see a black toast message pop up at the bottom of the screen saying that the save was successful. You can then return to your guide and see that the Channels you removed are no longer present in your lineup. 

Important: Mohu Channels has been discontinued and is no longer under warranty. Some third party retailers may still sell Channels units, but they are not covered by any Mohu warranty. 

Please contact the reseller if you have any questions.