On the Mohu remote, four keys need to be trained, power, Volume (+) Volume (-) and Mute. Place the transmitting tube of the Mohu remote head to head with the TV remote, and make sure the distance is less than 2" and that the TV remote has functioning batteries. 

  • Press power button on your TV remote. 
  • The back light on your Mohu remote will flash once which represents that it is receiving power IR (infrared) signals from your TV remote. If the back light does not blink, no signal was received.
  • Press power on your Mohu remote for more than three seconds, then release. If the back light toggles twice, the power function is properly trained. If power is released within THREE seconds, or signal received is invalid, the back light stays ON solid. 

Repeat the same two processes until the other three keys are trained. At any time you can press and hold the "learn" key which is located in the battery compartment of your Channels remote, for three seconds to enter or exit training mode. Your Mohu remote only saves the IR (infrared) signal received last.  Keep in mind that there is no erase key function on the Mohu remote. The user can always go through the above processes to overwrite any one of the four programmable keys (power, volume up (+), volume down (-) and mute.

Important: Mohu Channels has been discontinued and is no longer under warranty. Some third party retailers may still sell Channels units, but they are not covered by any Mohu warranty. 

Please contact the reseller if you have any questions.