You will need to plug a USB into your Channels device to support time-shifting.  With the USB in place while you are watching an OTA channel, press the play/pause key to activate time-shifting. Your time-shift keys are located at the top left of your remote control. Once you hit play it will start recording. Use the play/pause, rewind, and fast forward keys on the keyboard or screen to time-shift within your show. 


Pressing the rewind or fast forward keys multiple times will increase the speed of time-shifting. 'Go live' will play the show where it is currently playing live and erase previously recorded video. Navigating away from the channel will also erase. The red line on the time bar indicates your position. The light gray bar tells you how far you can fast forward, and the green bar indicates how far you can rewind. 

Important: Mohu Channels has been discontinued and is no longer under warranty. Some third party retailers may still sell Channels units, but they are not covered by any Mohu warranty. 

Please contact the reseller if you have any questions.