Our indoor TV antenna is not only small and easily hidden, but it is also a decorating opportunity! Because of its sleek design, the indoor TV antenna can be effortlessly concealed behind a picture, plant, or just about anywhere, and still allow you to receive over-the-air broadcasts in full HD. Whether your antenna is being used in an elegant living room, a decked out man cave, or a child’s playroom, there are endless opportunities to beautify your antenna.  The most popular way to incorporate your antenna into your home’s design scheme is to paint it the same color as your existing walls. By using a multi-purpose latex primer and a few coats of your existing wall color, your antenna will seem about as non-existent as your cable bill!

  • Custom peel & stick decals and decorative duct tape are a great place to start for the less creative or first timers. With so many themes and designs available, there is definitely a style to fit the preferences of anyone in your household. Not only are decals and tape easy to use, but some companies even let you design your own custom pattern! 
  • For the artistically inclined, there are an assortment of paint options available. Keep in mind that paint doesn't necessarily have to be applied with a brush. We have found that paint pens are very effective and easy to use. With options such as glossy oil, opaque, Sharpie, and glow in the dark, there are countless ways to make decorating exciting and easy.
  • A great kid-friendly option is to incorporate felt or foam into your design. You can apply a simple, solid color background and then alter the stickers at your leisure. Options are endless with materials such as felt and foam, and you can select your arrangement based on hobbies, holidays, sports teams, family excursions, or whatever suits your mood.

Please keep in mind, while the antenna can be decorated and still work proficiently, there are materials that will absolutely compromise its ability to receive over-the-air broadcasts in full HD. 

  • Stay away from glitter, “bedazzling”, and anything metallic, such as: metallic paints, aluminum foil, and metal wires or twist ties.
  • Be sure your antenna works at your location before decorating, as it cannot be returned once it is decorated.

We hope this information is helpful and encourages you to have fun with your antenna!