Mohu Supporters,

Just a quick update to share our progress as we continue to correct issues with the Channels software. Our team has made tremendous strides, and we're happy to say that most bugs have been eliminated.

However, there is one last major issue that we have to solve, and honestly, it's a bit of a bear. It involves apps that use the MotionEvent class in Android, which is a fancy way of saying the stuff that tracks the mouse movements (pretty important, right?). It's causing our system launcher app to crash, and it's driving us crazy.

The good news is that the Mohu spirit is still strong and the team is determined to work night and day until we get this nailed. We want to be totally transparent, so we'll give it to you straight: we need to eliminate this issue. As soon as we do, we'll announce the date for shipping the remaining Channels units and/or firmware update.

You guys have been so patient with us, and it's your support that continues to drive us to completion. We will commit to updating you again on our progress by Friday, July 25th. In the meantime, we will put our heads down and get'er done.

The Mohuligans