This place is hopping today as shipments of Mohu Channels have started flowing out the door once again. If you are one of the patient backers who haven't received one, we'll send tracking info via Kickstarter message within one business day of shipping your device.  

If you’re one of the backers who is getting a replacement, we will be shipping them next week. If you've sent your device in for the update, we will update and test your device, and then send it right back to you.

On the software front, we're still pushing hard to get that MotionEvents bug eradicated. There's also been good feedback on a few other issues, so we're tweaking the UI, making the timeshift function even better, and improving the audio sync. We've even made progress on a remote control app.

However, it’s important that we remind everyone that the firmware is still in beta. There are and will be bugs, and we will continue to work them out until it’s a great experience for you.

Keep the feedback and good vibes coming our way via our forum at:

You have made this possible, so thank you!

The Mohuligans