Mohu Backers, 

The Experimental release for Oct. 3rd is on hold due to a major bug which causes the system to become unresponsive and could potentially make the device unusable. We'd like to get it resolved before the next release, and we have a good plan. However, we need the weekend to correct it and test. 

Our progress on other issues: 

  • Added a reboot function in Settings 
  • Displayed TV station short name when logo is not available on top of Guide page 
  • Dropped quick scan all together to avoid confusion 
  • Allowed full scan for a new zipcode that is not available in our database 
  • Added better functionality in timeshift mode, so that any type of action in timeshift will pop up a message window asking for confirmation 
  • Returned system time to Guide home screen 
  • Fixed flip screen issue when changing language to Spanish 
  • Fixed abnormal action when entering Video/Audio Settings 
  • Corrected NAS for Windows and Linux 
  • Fixed the 24 hour time shown in default Android top banner 
  • Fixed the device output volume issue, so that no app will be able to change system volume output

Last but not the least, we have less than 20 bugs to fix before stable release! That means we are projecting a potential release date of October 17th. We'll confirm that in our next update.

Questions can be answered at: 

Thank you! 

The Mohuligans