Mohu Supporters,

Due to popular demand, we will now start releasing weekly firmware builds to our backers. These weekly builds are experimental and are not meant to be taken as official software releases. Please do not install these builds unless you are a technical user and are comfortable experimenting with software.

We have created a Channels Experimental Builds board on our forum for feedback. We want to keep the discussion and feedback related to weekly releases separate from our main line support threads. You can find the weekly update thread below.

This week's build includes the experimental firmware update to the Mohu Channels device V583. The update can be downloaded from the Google Drive link below along with a link to installation instructions.



We have also included the Android remote application. This application can be installed onto any Android device and used to control your Mohu Channels device. You can push the apk through adb or download the file directly on your phone. If you download the file on your phone, you can just click on it and it will start installing. NOTE: You may have to change security permissions on your phone to install this app. IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE TO YOU, it would probably be best to wait!

Change Notes

  • 1. Kept consistent UI color 
  • 2. Replaced Mohu static splash booting screen to animation of instructions 
  • 3. Added help page in Edit Channel UI 
  • 4. Added descriptions in Add Channels->App UI 
  • 5. Added program TV station icon in OTA top banner 
  • 6. Kept EPG info updated and correct in both Guide home page and top banner info 
  • 7. Saved customized channel line up when wake up from sleep 
  • 8. Greatly improved video/audio out of sync issue 
  • 9. Added program title scrolling in home page, when title is too long and not fitting in grids 
  • 10. Corrected HD and SD indication in OTA top banner 
  • 11. NAS works for Linux server and Windows shared folder 
  • 12. Locked Channels sound output, and no app would be able to change it 
  • 13. Corrected sleep mode pop up window messaging 
  • 14. Corrected UI hierarchy in firmware update application 
  • 15. Removed quick scan option all together, because it only cause confusion nothing more 
  • 16. Added pop up message window for ALT+ENTER combination key 
  • 17. Changed Channels box internet name to Mohu Channels + MAC address 
  • 18. Fixed browser streaming issues 
  • 19. Updated Channels firmware update UIs 
  •  20. Improved performance of Mohu Channels Remote App on Android device 
  • 21. Corrected system time to enable most of streaming applications 
  • 22. Removed signal strength display after channels scan, because customers are tend to be misled 
  • 23. Fixed HDMI off centered issue 
  • 24. Added "Last Channel" icon on home page 
  • 25. Increased channel scan sensitivity

This is a big step for all of us, and we appreciate your patience. Feedback on the Experimental Builds can be given at:

With respect,

The Mohuligans