Update #40 

Mohu Backers,

After many days of rain and clouds, today's weather here in Raleigh is simply stunning. A clear blue sky, golden sunshine and perfect temperatures seem to be a fitting close to a great week of Channels progress. As a result, the next Experimental Build is here!

We still want to stress that the Experimental Builds are best for experimental users. If that's you, then here is the link for the latest Experimental Build!

These are the issues that are now resolved:

  • Resolved issue where the UI was stuck in a black screen within the Guide
  • Resolved abnormal picture/video display issue 
  • Fixed miscellaneous GMS issues 
  • Fixed time format problem 
  • Fixed the crazy flip when changing system language 
  • Fixed remote instruction video replay issue 
  • Fixed Video/Audio icon in Setting page issue 
  • Fixed issue where a channel is removed, OTA jumps to the first Channel in Guide 
  • Fixed wifi connection notification issue 
  • Updated Reset UI page 
  • Added support for Canadian postal codes

Our current bug list that will be corrected before the Final Release:

  • ESPN and MLB app not running
  • Simple.TV app not running 
  • Some apps do not run on the device with HDMI 
  • Better EPG presentation 
  • Faster Guide response 
  • Able to connect to hidden wifi SSID

Again, the link for the latest Experimental Build is:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8j29zw5MnPQZmNLWEtydFlkZ0E&usp=sharing

There will be lots of discussion on this topic and others our Forum, so join in at:  http://www.gomohu.com/forums

Please give us feedback on the build so we can wrap up our development and move towards release of the final Firmware!

Thank you,

The Mohuligans