We had a situation yesterday in which a customer had issues with his Channels remote.  He wants to send the remote back and have us send him a new remote.  However, we currently pair the remotes to a unit and test them together.  Therefore, our process will be to send out an entire package (Channels device plus remote) to any customer needing a replacement.  In addition, we will send return labels to the customer to send back the Channels device and remote.  In other words, any time there is an issue with the Channels device or remote, they will send back the main assembly and remote and we will send replacements back out.  

There will be two part numbers that will be used when entering replacement orders.  The part number for the main assembly is 210631 and the part number for the remote will be 310594.

By doing this, we feel it will provide the customer a better experience and eliminate frustration for them and issues internally for us.