· Refunds: 

As you have been doing, any Kickstarter customers that want a refund of their Kickstarter device will need to have a refund check sent out by Tiffany. You will need to let the customer know that we will have a refund check sent to them and forward their information to Tiffany to process. She will add the customer to the" Channels Kickstarter Refund Tracking" Spreadsheet that is located on the Common Drive (M.) in the Kickstarter folder. You can check there to see when a refund was sent and what the total refund amount was.


· Exchanges: 

If you have a Kickstarter customer that is calling to exchange their device because it does not work all you need to do is send a FedEx label to get the old device back and set up a replacement order for the new device. This will allow us to stream any existing Kickstarter customer into the normal customer flow. You do not need to log the information on the Kickstarter spreadsheet going forward.


· Extenuating Circumstances: 

Tiffany and I discussed and we know that there may be some extenuating circumstances where our Kickstarter customers are concerned. We will treat these on a case by case basis.