Addressing App issues with Channels 

We will have customers that call in and say that they are having problems loading and using apps. We really don't want to get into the specifics of what version of android that we are compatible with. What we want to say is more to this effect and if the customer is not pleased with that and wants to return the unit for a refund we will send a label and accommodate that request.

Please use/paraphrase the statement below  from Mark when dealing with customers with this situation.


Verbiage from Mark regarding Apps:  

The main purpose for the creation of developing channels was to create a user friendly OTA integration with Netflix, Vudu and Hulu. The majority of our customers can get 95% of the content they want using the device. As far as the apps go if the app that you download works for you that is a definite plus. 


Should we have a customer that is not happy with their Channels Device performance they can return it for a refund.