In the event that we have a customer who says that their Channels remote has been lost or destroyed we can sell them another one but need to follow the guidelines below.

What you need to know:

  • Use item number MH-310594 for the remote only at a cost of $12.00.
  • No additional batteries will be sent and the customer will need to pay for shipping.
  • Email or Google Chat Neil with the order number to make sure that he knows to alert shipping that there will be an order for a single channels remote.
  • The customer will need to be given instructions on pairing the new remote to their device.

Q: How do I pair my remote?

Open the battery compartment cover where two keys are revealed, [PAIR] and [LEARN]. Insert AAA batteries into the compartment. The back-light stays on for five seconds, indicating batteries are good for use and device is activated. Press and hold [PAIR], until back-light flashes three times to represent remote is paired with your Channels device. Back-light is turned on every time [PAIR] is pressed, but it will not flash until a matching device is found. When [PAIR] is released, back-light is off. After remote is paired with your Channels device, the user should be able to move on-screen cursor to the button to continue.