OK Team...it is live!  The Channels device is on the site and available for sale to the general public for $149.99.  

As far as you selling the Channels Device you can use any of the coupon codes that you have in your coupon arsenal to make the sale.  Remember, if you sell it for the listed price you increase your sales totals meaning more sales incentive earned so start low with discounts and try to get it for as much as possible.  The powers that be will be happier if you sell it as close to $149.99 as possible but we want to make the sale too.


At this time the Channels Device is set up as eligible for free shipping HOWEVER this may change!  They are still debating if offering the Channels Device with free shipping is economical or not.   The moment I get information on any changes to shipping I will let you know.  For now, the shipping is free.


There are also antenna + channels device bundles in the works.  Again as soon as that information is made available I will pass it along to you!