You will find the "Have a Gift Card?" prompt in STEP 5 of the checkout process. This section is called Payment Information.

First, click on the "Click here" prompt to access the gift card entry section.

Second, enter in the Gift Card exactly as it was provided to you and click "Add Gift Card".

Continue with your order as usual.  You will see your Gift Card discount applied on the final step in the process which is the "Order Review" section.


  • Make sure that you enter in the Gift Card exactly as shown.
  • Make sure you click "add Gift Card" to apply the discount.

Make sure to read the fine print on our Gift Cards.  Most have expiration dates or merchandise totals that need to be reached before they can be used.  If after trying this you are unable to get your Gift Card code to work  please reach out to Mohu at 877-825-5572 or via email at  We are here to help!