Being 100% up front and honest we have to let you know that our "Open Box" models are absolutely a refurbished antenna.  Here is how this process works.

We know that our product works really, really well for some customers and just will not work at all for others based on their location.  In many instances people will purchase an antenna without making sure that they are in a good location to pull in over the air signals first. They try the antenna, see it won't work, call us and we tell them that they are in bad location for signals and have them return it.  Once we get it back we open the package, clean the antenna (if necessary) and always test the antenna to ensure that it is 100% functional, repackage it and sell it as "Open Box" or "Refurbished" at a discount.

These antennas have the exact same warranty, guarantee and returns policy as a brand new antenna.  Since they are not "new" we can't sell them as such but it is a shame for a perfectly good antenna to get discarded when it was never truly used and that performs exactly like a new one that hasn't been opened.  Instead we opt to pass the savings along by discounting them!

Leaf Metro Open Box

Leaf 30 Open Box

Leaf 50 Open Box

Curve 30 Open Box

Curve 50 Open Box

Sky 60 Open Box

*Open Box antennas are not always available since their inventory is based totally on the number of returns that we receive.