We recommend that you use only use one ReLeaf antenna per television. When you add a splitter that divides the received signal strength between each television which may mean that you may not get all of the channels you would get otherwise.


Our Sky 60 roof/attic mount antenna is robust enough to support multiple televisions and can work through your home's existing coaxial network.

*Please note that in some locations an indoor antenna may possibly be able to support splitting to more than 1 TV.   We suggest that you test this with your  indoor antenna to see if it will work in your area.  Each time a signal is split to another TV the signal becomes weakened by 1/2.  Historically the smaller indoor antennas are not always able to send signals to  more than one TV in some locations where the signal strength will not support this.  Testing at your specific location is suggested to see how the antenna will perform when connected to more than one TV.