Enjoy Mohu TV

Select the “Guide” menu option to view and access content.

Mohu TV’s Guide gives you access to channels your antenna receives over-the-air, as well as a variety of free streaming channels.

  • My Channels
    • Use the “My Channels” menu option to quickly access your favorite content.

  • Changing Channels
    • To change the channel, use your streaming device’s “Back” button to return to the Guide where any new channel can be selected.

  • ClearPix Configurations
    • ClearPix is the technology that automatically detects the best internal antenna configuration for each channel.
    • During the channel scan AirWave checks multiple ClearPix configurations in order to determine the best signal for each individual channel. Since many factors such as physical obstructions and weather changes can affect antenna performance, however, you may at times want to try an alternate ClearPix configuration when your reception is subpar.
    • You can try another ClearPix setting when viewing a channel by clicking the alternate “ClearPix” button. This sets the signal for each channel individually. Wait a few seconds for the signal to change before deciding which ClearPix setting is best for that channel.