The single most common overlooked step, and the most important, is doing a channel scan through your television menu when setting up the antenna for the first time.   If you move the antenna to a new location to see if the reception is better you will need to run the scan again.  Each time you reposition the antenna you will need to do a scan until you find the perfect location for reception.

In order for your antenna to perform you will need to do a channel scan so you can see what channels you will be able to receive.  After you connect your antenna to your television a channel scan is the next step.  This step can vary greatly since there are so many different brands of televisions on the market, and no two are the same, you may need to reach out to your specific manufacture for additional assistance.  A google search with the brand of your television followed by "customer service number" should locate their technical support number.  You may also be able to consult the owner’s manual for more detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan.

Here are generic steps to do a channel scan:

    • You will need to run the “scan” function on your television set.  This step can typically be located by pressing the "menu" button on your remote and looking for "scan" or "set-up".
    • You will also need to make sure that your television is set to "air" or "antenna" and not cable.
    • The scan can take just a few seconds to several minutes depending on the number of stations that the television is scanning for.
    • Once the scan is complete you should be receiving digital signals through your antenna.

    If you need help figuring out how to run the channel scan on your television, please reach out to your television's manufacture for assistance.  They will be quickly able to walk you through the channel scan process.  If once you have the channel scan completed you are still experiencing issues with your antenna please reach out to Mohu.