Cord cutting refers to the process of cutting expensive cable connections in order to change to a low-cost TV channel subscription through over-the-air (OTA) free broadcast through antenna.  Cord cutting is a growing trend that is adversely affecting the cable industry.

1. Check to see if you are in a desirable area to pick up signals*.

· There are several sites that allow you to search by your exact address to see what channels you can expect to receive.

2. Make a list of all the shows that you currently watch or keep a TV journal for a couple weeks.

· Document your viewing habits.

· Can you still pick up the networks your shows are on?

· Can you stream the shows on Roku, NetFlix, Amazon Prime or via the channels site?

3. Weigh out the pros and cons of cable tv vs. antenna tv.

4. Do your research so you know what to expect!

· Are you in a good location?

· What can you pick up?

· Which antenna will you need?

Please take a look at our "how to do a signal scan" solution for instructions on how to see what channels you could expect to pull in.