Getting rid of cable and satellite is not the same thing as getting rid of your favorite shows.  Almost all you favorites will be available to you , and you may find a few additional favorites!  Here's where you'll find them.

Chances are that you'll be able to find your favorite shows in one of these three places!  

  • Netflix offers a vast streaming catalog of popular films and family-friendly shows thanks to it's licensing deals with Dream Works, Disney, Relativity Media and plenty more.  There is a constantly changing line up of shows but a downside can be that you have to wait a couple months after a DVD's release to become available to view.  Netflix will cost you $12.99 per month for unlimited streaming.

  • Hulu Plus focuses on current episodes and past seasons of popular network television series.  New releases of current season titles are generally available the day after they air in most cases.  Some networks will delay their releases for up to 8 days from the original air date.  Other networks simply don't offer current seasons titles at all but only make past seasons available.  Hulu Plus costs $11.99 per month.

  • Amazon Prime Instant Video is included as a part of your Amazon Prime membership.  The annual cost of Amazon Prime membership is $109 so you are paying roughly $12.99 per month for this service.  However, a few other perks of Prime is that you get free two-day shipping on most amazon purchases, access to the Kindle lending library and access to the videos.  Prime is not quite as robust as the other two options but it's been catching up!

You can also invest in a Roku streaming media player which will allow you enjoy your favorite shows via the sites mentioned above.   Roku also features thousands of channels of movies, tv shows, sports and more.  A Roku can cost between $40 up to $100 depending on the features you desire.  Roku's can be purchased at almost any retail or electronics store or online sites.