After the Digital TV (DTV) transition was finalized on June 12, 2009, television stations converted to an all-digital broadcast that offers some of the best picture quality available anywhere. OTA (Over-The-Air) now provides high definition broadcasts, HD sub-channels, digital resilience and no static.

You can visit the following site to perform a signal scan to see if you are in a favorable location for reception.  

Click here to access TV Fool

Step 1:  Enter in your complete address.

Step 2:  Review the results to see what signals the customer can expect to receive.

· Grid Color:  Green indicates what channel your customer can expect to receive.  The other colors will not be picked up by our antennas typically.

· Distance Miles: Our products each have a distance range that varies from a 25 to a 60 mile range.  You can use this information to help select a product.

· Path: LOS indicates “line of sight” and must be present for ideal signal reception.

· Network: Shows what stations the customer can expect to receive.

· NM (dB): We suggest that this number be 39 or higher for ideal signal reception.

· 1Edge or 2Edge:  Indicates if there are terrain issues or other interferences blocking the signal at your location.

· All Channels Radius: The All Channels radius will help you let the customer know which way the majority of their signals are coming from for optimal placement of their antenna.