Location plays a huge part in amplifier performance.  You may be very close, 3 miles or less, from a powerful transmitter.  If you are already receiving a strong signal you can overload the Jolt which will result in distortion, causing your reception to worsen.  To test this theory, you can remove the amplifier completely from your setup and run the channel scan again. If you get more stations without the amplifier connected it not needed at all.

Check your address using our channels tool below to see how far you are from your towers.

Click here to access TV Fool

Step 1:  Enter in your complete address.

Step 2:  Review the results to see what signals the customer can expect to receive.

  • Grid Color:  Green indicates what channel your customer can expect to receive.  The other colors will not be picked up by our antennas typically.
  • Distance Miles: Our products each have a distance range that varies from a 25 to a 60-mile range.  You can use this information to help select a product.
  • Path: LOS indicates “line of sight” and must be present for ideal signal reception.
  • Network: Shows what stations the customer can expect to receive.
  • NM (dB): We suggest that this number be 39 or higher for ideal signal reception.
  • 1Edge or 2Edge:  Indicates if there are terrain issues or other interferences blocking the signal at your location.
  • All Channels Radius: The All Channels radius will help you let the customer know which way the majority of their signals are coming from for optimal placement of their antenna.

Image result from TV Fool of All Channels