It is recommended that you use as little coaxial cable as you can.  Using too much coaxial cable can result in as much as a 1/3 of the signal being lost. Less is more with coaxial cables.  Also do not coil the coaxial cable as this can cause signal loss.  Instead let the cord lay uncoiled if possible.  Again...less is more!


Here is a general rule of thumb of length of coaxial cable that can be added in addition to the coaxial cable that is included with the antenna.



Please remember that the additional coaxial cable needs to be AFTER the amplifier, between the amplifier and the TV for best performance!


*Please note that in some locations where the signal strength is strong longer run of coaxial cable may work perfectly for you.  This is dependent on several factors in your set up and a test with a longer run coaxial cable would be recommended to see your location supports additional coaxial use.  Historically the less coaxial cable you can use the better the reception chances but not all areas are the same where reception chances are concerned so testing is at your exact location suggested.


*Please note that in some locations an indoor antenna may possibly be able to support splitting to more than 1 TV.   We suggest that you test this with your indoor antenna to see if it will work in your area.  Each time a signal is split to another TV the signal becomes weakened by 1/2.  Historically the smaller indoor antennas are not always able to send signals to more than one TV in some locations where the signal strength will not support this.  Testing at your specific location is suggested to see how the antenna will perform when connected to more than one TV.