Electronic Interference is defined as disruption of operation of an electronic device when it is in the vicinity of an electromagnetic field in the radio frequency spectrum caused by another electronic device.  To really state it basically, one electronic device is interfering with the performance of another electronic device.


Ever since we started filling our homes with electronic devices electronic interference has occurred.   Does your TV screen get wavy for just a second when the thermostat comes on or cuts off?  Does your radio lose reception when the refrigerator's motor kicks on?   Lights dim when the neighbor uses their vacuum cleaner?  Lose TV reception when you start up your treadmill?  These are all examples of electronic interference.  

Antennas can be affected by interference.   We have had cases as mentioned above where a treadmill, thermostats, refrigerators and even a box fan has caused antenna performance issues because it was located in the vicinity of an electronic device.   In most cases the only way to resolve the issue is either moving the antenna out of the range of the offending devices electromagnetic field or moving the offending device that is causing the issue away from the antenna.  Unfortunately there have been a few customers that were not able to use an over the air antenna in their home because they were not able to relocate the antenna to where it was not affected by interference.

Troubleshooting Electronic Interference

  1. Try and locate the source of the interference.  Hopefully the source of the interference is something that can be removed from the room to eliminate the interference.   If you find that the source is something that can’t be relocated please move on to troubleshooting step 2.
  2. Try repositioning the antenna in various spots the room.  Make sure that you run the channel scan after every move to see if you can find a spot where there is no interference. 
  3. If after trying to locate and remove the source of the interference and repositioning the antenna you still experience issues with interference you may need to consider a roof/attic mounted antenna that would potentially get you up and over the interference.