If your antenna is amplified please conduct this test to see if the amplifier needs to be replaced.

  • First, try removing the amplifier: Sometimes the amplifier can be the issue if you have an amplifier in the setup. To test the amplifier, simply remove it completely from the setup (don't just unplug, remove it altogether). 
  • Next perform another channel scan with the amplifier off. If you get better reception or more stations with the amplifier off, then the amplifier is the issue and it should be replaced. 

  1. If you find that you need a new amplifier please follow the instructions that best fit your warranty situation.

    • If you are within the antennas 1-year warranty period with your antenna please submit an email to support@gomohu.com.  If you purchased this from Mohu please provide an order number if possible. If you purchased somewhere else, please provide us with proof of purchase. If it was an online order, just log into your account history and download a copy of the invoice.  If it was a retail order, please take a photo of your receipt.  Make sure that you state in your email that you are requesting a replacement amplifier and provide us with your mailing address for the replacement.  *If your antenna was purchased at Wal-Mart please indicate the color of your amplifier (black or white). As soon as we have the proof of purchase information we will process the replacement. It generally takes 7 - 10 business days for a replacement amplifier to be delivered.

  2. If you are outside of the antennas 1-year warranty period you can order a replacement amplifier for your antenna one of three ways.
                    1.   Visit www.gomohu.com to place your order online. The site is available 24 hours for shopping! 
                                    Jolt Amplifier Link:  http://store.gomohu.com/jolt-digital-tv-antenna-amplifier.html
                    2.   Call our Sales and Service center Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm or on weekends 10am to 6pm central time and we would be happy to place an order for you!  

                    3.   You can also leave a message with you contact number at 877-825-5572 or reply to this email with "Call me to place an order for an amplifier" and we'll contact you!