Sweet Spot defined:  noun informal "The point or area on a bat, club or racket at which it makes the most effective contact with the ball."

When you get our antenna you will need to find the “sweet spot” or perfect placement for your antenna to get the best reception.  You can't just toss it up and hope for the best you have to put in a little effort to ensure that you find the location that yields the best reception results.   If you think of the antenna as a tennis racket you know that you make the best connection when you hit the ball with the string of the racket and not with the sides.  Same theory applies to antennas.

A general rule of thumb for antenna placement is the higher you can get it, the better reception you will have and antennas work best in windows that are facing the direction of the towers.    Most customers try several locations until they locate the spot where they get the most channels.  Please remember that every time you move your antenna you will need to run your channel scan again.  

Click Here for Generic Channel Scan Instructions 

If you run the scan and get a snowy, blue or black screen click HERE.