Many things can impact an antenna's performance, including the building materials in your home.

Things to think about when your neighbor gets a better TV signal than you.

  • Are you both using the exact same antenna?  
  • Did they add different type of coaxial cable or a different amplifier?  
  • Any other modifications?
  • Is your home located "behind" you neighbor’s and could their home be blocking the signals?
  • Is their home located higher than yours? Often a few inches can make a huge difference with reception. 
  • Do you know which direction the towers are coming from and is your antenna facing the right direction for optimal reception?
  • Do you have a home that is causing the signal to be diminished because of the building materials used to construct the home?  
  • Check out this "Building Material" link for more information on that topic. 
  • Have you tried using an amplified antenna?
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