Many things can impact an antenna's performance from where you have it positioned to what your home is made of.  A team member here at Mohu gets 38 channels at their brick home with asphalt shingles (no metal at all) while their neighbor across the street gets 57 channels AND they have a metal roof?!  It's all about location, positioning and available signals for an antenna to be successful.  We figured out that in our team members situation there is a slight rise where the neighbor's home sits giving the roof mounted Sky 60 about 10 - 15 more feet of height thus better reception is obtainable.  

Things to think about when your neighbor gets a better signal than you.

  • Are you both using the exact same antenna?  
  • Did they add different type of coaxial cable or a different amplifier?  
  • Any other modifications?
  • Is your home located "behind" their's and could their home be blocking the signals?
  • Is their home located higher than yours? Often a few inches can make a huge difference with reception. 
  • Do you know which direction the towers are coming from and is your antenna facing the right direction for optimal reception?
  • Do you have a home that is actually causing the signal to be diminished because of the building materials used to construct the home?  
  • Have you tried the Amp Test if you are using an amplified antenna?

Hopefully you'll be able to find just the right spot for your antenna and will get signals that will make your neighbor jealous!

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