In theory, as long as the country has UHF or VHF, the antenna should work there. However, we are not set up to take orders internationally at this time. You may be able to find a re-seller on Amazon that ships out of the U.S but if you wanted to purchase one here in the U.S. and bring it with you this is what you would need to know about your situation:The country it is being used in has at least UHF or VHF frequency. Our Leaf (non-amplified) antenna – needs to be 35 miles from UHF towers and/or 10 miles from VHF towers – but there can be no terrain interference between the transmitting tower and the location being used.

You must have a TV that has a digital tuner inside and cannot be used with houses that have metal roofs, aluminum siding, stucco, fire escape, bars on windows, etc or any other metal barrier. You would have to find out how far and in what frequency the towers are transmitting from. There are other variables involved with over-the-air transmission but we do not have access your country’s broadcasting data in relation to specific locations. Another thing to keep in mind is that most international countries use 220V power outlets which a special socket.  Unless the amplifier can be powered by USB from the Television’s USB port, you would also have to purchase the appropriate voltage converter.

*Our 1 year product warranty is only good for use in U.S. and Canada locations so it would also be a final sale as well.