Anything metal near the window will block the signal or cause poor reception, so be aware of the following:

  • Make sure there are no metal bars on the window
  • Make sure there is no metal bug screen on the window. A vinyl screen is okay.
  • If your antenna is placed near a balcony, make sure there isn't a metal railing on the balcony.
  • If your window is a double-pane metallic auto-tinting glass window it will block signals. In that case, place a Leaf high up on a wall or move a Curve away from that window.

Any time you move your antenna, do a channel scan to see if reception has improved. If reception is gets worse after moving the Leaf  Ultimate, Leaf 50 or Curve 50 closer to a window and you are certain there is no metal interfering, consider doing an amplifier test (see below).


There are some homes where the antenna MUST be placed in or near a window because there will be too much metal surrounding it if it is placed on a wall. Some examples include:

  • Mobile homes
  • Homes with aluminum siding
  • Homes with stucco siding (metal mesh is used to attach the stucco to the house)
  • Apartment buildings or condos in large metro areas the Leaf or Leaf Ultimate MUST be in a window because the metal in surrounding buildings can block TV signals.
  • RVs

A special note about basements: 

The earth, while made of dirt and not metal, will also block TV signals. If your basement has windows above ground, place the antenna in the window. If that doesn't provide good reception, try moving the antenna higher, either by taping it to the basement ceiling near the window, or moving it up one floor and running the coaxial cable down to the basement TV. Remember to redo the channel scan every time you move the antenna.

Amplifier Test Steps:
If this is an amplified antenna like the Leaf Ultimate, Leaf 50 or Curve 50, please conduct this test. Remove the amplifier completely from your setup (don't just unplug it, remove it altogether) and do another channel scan. If you get better results with the amplifier removed, then it's the amplifier with issues most likely and that component should be replaced as follows.

You would then need to forward a copy of your receipt from that purchase to us at Mohu Customer Support and mention that you did the "Amp Test" and that you get better results with the amp off. At this time please provide us with your street address and zip code so that we may perform a final signal analysis of your location. If you are within your 1 year warranty then Mohu will ship you a replacement at no cost to you.