*Please note that all digital converter boxes are different. Please refer to the instructions that came with your device to connect. 


This information below describes the installation of a standard digital-to-analog converter box with your current antenna and analog TV. This guide will help you prepare so that when you purchase a converter box you will know what to expect and whether you may need help setting it up.


You will need your analog TV, the antenna you have been using (indoor or outdoor), and the coaxial wire that currently connects your antenna to your TV. Your new converter box will come with a coaxial wire and a remote control. Before you begin the installation of the converter box, you should unplug your TV.

Step step 1 Unplug the existing coaxial antenna wire from your TV “Antenna In (RF)” port.

picture of existing anntenna attached to back of tv

Step step 2 Plug the existing coaxial wire into the “Antenna In (RF)” port on your Converter Box.

picture of antenna being attached to back of converter box (in)

Step step 3 Using the coaxial wire that comes with your Converter Box, plug one end into the “Out To TV (RF)” port on the Converter Box. Plug the other end into the “Antenna In (RF)” port on your TV.

picture of converter box being attached to back of TV (antenna in)

Step step 4 Plug the power cords on your Converter Box and TV into a power outlet, and turn on your TV and Converter Box. Using the instructions that come with your Converter Box, tune your TV to channel 3 or 4. Using the remote that comes with your Converter Box, follow the onscreen set-up guide to scan for available digital channels, and begin enjoying the benefits of Digital Television!

*Information taken from www.fcc.gov site