Many of the newer TV's on the market are being made with no coaxial port and/or no digital tuner.  This trend is because many people have discovered the joys of streaming content either through their new "smart" TV or using a streaming device so who needs a coaxial port or digital tuner?  Well...people that use antennas do!  If you aren't sure if your new TV is compatible with an antenna you'll need to reach out to the manufacture or look in the manual.  Two things are needed for antenna use... a coaxial port and an ATSC/digital tuner.

If you discover that your TV is missing the things needed to use an antenna all is not lost.  In order to use a TV missing the needed elements you can purchase a digital converter box. This allows you to connect your antenna to the television AND they have built in tuners also.  A digital converter box connects to your  TV via HDMI or other means (make sure you know which connection you need before you buy)  and allows the TV to receive digital TV signals. A digital converter box is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. One converter box is necessary for every TV that doesn't have a built-in digital tuner and that receives its signal over the air with an antenna.

Congratulations on the new TV but you need one more thing to pull it all together.  A digital converter box.

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